**Stoves available now**


  • **Stoves available now**
  • **Stoves available now**

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Charcoal stove (rocket stove)


Good for barbeques. Easy to light and fires up fast (it’s called the Rocket Stove for a reason). Will light in the wind.


Identical to the Red, Blue & Green, now comes with a handgrill


Cook with
Large frying pans, heavy stewing pots, saucepans and grills. You can control the heat with the vent doors on the front. 


Best for
Campers, festival goers and street food chefs (you can use it all day).

Any good lumpwood charcoal.

And the rest
Comes with a year’s warranty, full instructions, and you can order and replace all parts of the stove.


26 x 26 x 21 cm

3.59 Kg

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